Black's back is a 8th episode of the 2nd season of Larva series.


Black is stuck in the cage, and when Yellow and Red appear, they start crying, but Red isn't happy because of all the times Black beat him up. Red slaps Yellow to make him stop crying and Red and Yellow eat food. Black starts crying because he has no food. It's night time and Yellow sneaks to Black's cage and gives Black a sausage, which Black eats up and Yellow gives him a bottle cap filled with water. Yellow then tries to free Black, but an angry Red comes up, scares Yellow and enslaves Black. Red starts to droop until Yellow uses a matchstick as a key to free Black. Red starts to chase Yellow while black uses the matchstick to make something. Yellow loses Red and comes back with a leaf to use as a key, until Black gives Yellow a wooden figure that resembles Yellow. Red returns, kicks Yellow and destroys the Yellow figure. Black gets really angry and takes off his armour. Red and Yellow are shocked to see that Black is actually a white slug with a red feeler. The rather sluggy Black pole-dances his way out of the cage and whips Red away. Black and a petrified Yellow skip and slide away. In the Epoligue, Black puts back on his armour.


This is the only time Black is seen without his armour.

Black's true form resembles a Pikmin and Neep from "The Adventures of Abney and Teal".

This is the first episode from Season 2 where Black appears without Brown.



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