Fly is the 15th episode of season 1 of Larva series


The episode begins with Red & Yellow licking an orange hard candy. Suddenly, A horrible stench comes to them, while they sniff the bad smell, & get disgusted, as it is coming from the ugly nasty little blue bottle fly named Blue. He lands the ground, walking through the sprouts, causing them to die. He jumps into a puddle and swims in it, making it dirty, he then sees the hard candy. The larvae try to run away from Blue with the candy but he splashes them dirty water, much to their disgust, they continue to run away, but Blue appears on the candy and starts licking it, the two scream and run away from each other from the fly, causing Blue and Red to fly into a bottle and get stuck inside it. Red tries to escape from Blue, but can't due to the candy blocking the bottle. Yellow then hits his head on the candy and tries biting it, but loses 2 of his teeth. He starts licking it, Blue licks it with him, breaking it down. Blue then laughs evilly as he flies away, Yellow sticks his head in the bottle, but can't due to the unbearable stench, he dons match sticks on his nose to be unaffected and dives to the bottle to rescue his friend. Unfortunately, the matches light up as they scrape on the ground, much to his shock, and when he slots into the bottle, it explodes.


Violet pops out of the ground and sees a block of cheese which he admires, wanting to eat it, but Blue comes along and swallows it whole in one gulp. Now mad, Violet exposes his full body and roars at the little fly, but he burps in his mouth before flying away, leaving he ghost slug to pass out.



  • This was Blue's first appearance.
  • This is the first time that Violet appears in epilogue.


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