The Insectivorous Plant Is a former villain and a minor hero of Larva.

Physical Appearance

Insectivorous Plant is a Greenish-Lime Venus Fly Trap, It had a big head with so many dark-green, dark-brown and light-brown polka dots all over it's head, a brown Cilla's, inside of it's mouth was brownish-red, It has 5 small dark-green leaves on its stem & near it's head, it has big long dark-green leaves on stem, near its head, it has the longest light-green stem with 2 medium light-green pieces of leaf on stem.



Green likes Yellow because when he was a baby, he took a good care of him.


Green doesn't like Red because when he was a baby, he squishes him to make Yellow sad.



Insectivorous Plant
Green (venus fly trap) Artwork
Insectivorous Plant/Green
Position Evil(But later In Growing a Plant It Became Friendly), Hungriest, Eater
Friends Yellow (Growing a Plant Only)
Enemies Red, Yellow(But later in Growing a Plant They becane Friends), Violet
Status Alive
Species Venus Flytrap (Carnivorous Plant)
Color Green
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