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Larva in New York (aka Season 3 And This Final Larva Island Season 1-2) is the South Korean TV series based in the original Larva series made by TUBA Entertainment. It consists 1-111 episode and premiered on January 2 2015 with Donut, and ended with Goodbye My Friend on August 20 2021.

Returning Characters

New Characters

  • Grey is talking rat the main antagonist of the show. He wants to eat the cheese and Foods, and saying "don't try to kill me" "we need help the children" "the rat meets children" "the rat meets sky, mono, six and this The Runaway Kid" "you do not chased the rat" "don't kill me please" "don't eat me please?" the insects even though they are found cheese food or the new all children named six, mono and The Runaway Kid and this sky new my beat friends grey.
  • Ivory is talking stick insect the weak stick insect who falls, clumsy.
  • The Silvers are the talking pigeons dimwit twin pigeons who wear a banana and watermelon peel to cover their bald patches.
  • Cocoa
  • Mite