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Grape is a 87th of the 1st season of Larva series


In the sewer, Yellow was watching Red, who was trying to hit the poop with his fork, and before red hits the poop, he accidently hit yellow in his face with a fork, & when he hits the poop, unforntally, the poop didn't go far enough. & when Yellow got up & shoke his head, smiles at red. then red started to get angry, he hardly slams the fork on the ground & yells at him. Then Brown runs to get the poop and attempts to eat it while Red & Yellow looks at him, suddenly, he accidentally step on the fork, causing him to fly back a bit in the air & his butt got poked into a rock. Then they cause Yellow & Red laugh at him as he repeats. Then Yellow begins to pretend to be poked like Brown does that, They both still laughing & Brown was painfully hurt all day.

When Brown tries to get the poop, Red and Yellow yell warning him that he is holding up the fork. Brown takes the fork away from Red and tries to eat the poop. But then a spoon falls on him. Brown flies so hard that the rock break, then Red and Yellow's eyes turn red from not blinking for 234 days. The fork shatters and the glass makes Brown go blind. Red and Yellow warn him that another fork is going to drop on him.



  • This is the only Season 1 episode where Brown goes old when it takes 254 days.