Mosquito is the second episode of Larva.


One night at the sewer, a mosquito enters it. Red and Yellow are sleeping while the mosquito flies around until it stops. Yellow unkowingly pushes Red out, and the cunning mosquito sees him. Red then wakes up with a nosebleed and sees it. A mosquito starts the fight, but Red dodges it. He gets shocked to see it. The mosquito tries to fight Red, but it fails. Red gets very angry and does a flying kick but he ends up getting his blood sucked. Yellow wakes up, sees Red very weak, flees from the mosquito and hides in the can. Unfortunately, Red tells the mosquito were Yellow is and it flies into the can. Yellow escapes and fling into the drain lid, he struggles to get out but the mosquito weakens him before he can do so, leaving Yellow to fall back to the ground near Red. The two then see Violet pop out of the ground and point him out to the mosquito. It then targets at the ghost slug, but he pulls up his entire body and roars at it to fend it off, however, the mosquito manages to suck his blood up, much to Red & Yellow's shock and horror.


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