Official Out of body - Larva Season 1 Episode 24

Official Out of body - Larva Season 1 Episode 24


Out of Body is the 24th episode of the first season and of the overall Larva series.


Red goes out of his body and messes with Yellow and Violet.


Red is jumping when he accidentally trips on something and goes out of his body, surprised by this, he goes out of his body again and starts to scare Yellow with spooky sounds. Yellow, scared, was about to run, until Red goes inside of his body, Red inside out of Yellow's body goes on top of the can to push Yellow off the edge, he soon leaves Yellow's body as he was about to fall. Yellow runs and hides from sounds that he heard from Red's spirit, he soon then goes to hear if Red was still breathing, but no pulse, leaving Yellow shocked. Red then goes into Violet's body and gets him stuck inside of the can. As Red was going back, he saw a depressed Yellow preparing to light a match at his body. The shocked Red attempts to blow the match out, but is unable to, due to being out of his body.

Epilogue: We see Yellow cleaning the burnt Red. He then uncontrollably laughs at Red's condition, as Red glances at the fourth wall.

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