Official Perfume - Larva Season 1 Episode 65

Official Perfume - Larva Season 1 Episode 65

Perfume is the 65th episode of the first season and of the overall Larva series.


Violet mistakes a perfume that Red is stuck in for a female ghost slug.


Red and Yellow discover a perfume. Yellow then opens it with his mouth, Red takes a whiff at the smell and goes in to see if it is edible. Red then gets out after struggling to get out of the perfume and accidentally bumps into Yellow and gets his bottom stuck inside of the perfume. Red then tells Yellow to get him out of the perfume, but to no luck, Yellow attempted to get him out of the perfume. Violet then sees the perfume and assumes it was a female slug. As Red struggles to get out of the perfume, he accidentally tripped to Violet, which Violet thought it was a flirting gesture. Violet then hugs the perfume Red is stuck in, he then leaves to give the object food, which Yellow then eats from Red. Violet then goes in for a little while to bring the object flowers. As Red is finally out of the perfume, Yellow then eats all of the cheese from him. Furious, Red jumps on the perfume under Yellow, oblivious to breaking the perfume. Violet has returned and sees this and is heartbroken at what Red and Yellow did to what he thinks is his love interest, as he was getting ready to attack the two larvae. Red and Yellow attempt to disguise as the perfume, but this backfires as Yellow farts out the perfume liquid. Violet, furious, hits the two larvae as they fly in the sky in slow motion.

Epilogue: We see Red and Yellow taping the perfume to make Violet feel better. Violet sees this and is very satisfied. As Red and Yellow were giving high-fives to each other, Yellow accidentally hits Red by the perfume, breaking it, leaving Violet once again heartbroken.

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