Yellow's Secret Is a 48th episode of the 3rd season of Larva series.


One day in Central park Yellow was eating some hot dogs. He had one left so he decided to hide it. He buried his hot dog but immediately forgot where he buried it, so he dug it up and buried it again. Brown went by with a ball of poop that went right through Yellow. Brown slapped him and went away. Red saw Yellow and wanted him to show him what he was hiding, but Yellow refused. Red stood next to Yellow for many years until he revels what he's hiding. Finally, Yellow was crushed by a bicycle reveling the hot dog. Red happily ate it but then another bicycle made him fall into the hole. Yellow mistaken Red as the hot dog so he buried him. In the epilogue Yellow dug up Red and ate him thinking he was the hot dog.


. Grey made a brief cameo in this episode.

. This was the second time Red and Yellow were crushed by a bicycle, first was "Wild Wild World."

. This was one of the episodes where Red and Yellow turn old at the end.

. Brown also made a cameo in this episode.

. A sequel, titled Pink's Secret aired sometime later in 2015. The latter now features Pink trying to hide her farting from boys like Yellow.

. This was one of the few episodes were Red gets eaten, others were Spider, Welcome Larva!, and Hi Voliet!

. In real life, Red and Yellow would not have grown breads or hair. Woolly bears and other caterpillars that become moths are the only caterpillars that grow hair but not caterpillars that become butterflies like Red and Yellow.

. People can only ride bicycles on smooth cement or concrete roads or sidewalks, not parks like Central Park.


. Yellow should not have buried the hot dog because it could have gotten food poisoning or E.coli.

. Yellow would not have been able to perfectly rebury the hole with the hot dog or Red in it to make the soil look like it was perfect.

. After Yellow crashed through Brown's poop his face turned brown, But after Brown slapped him, Yellow's face was clean again.

. If Yellow wanted to avoid reveling his hot dog to Red, he should have put left a stick or flower where he buried his hot dog to make Red think the wasn't hiding anything where he put the flower/stick.

. The ground and scenery kept changing as Red waited for Yellow to revel what he was hiding.

. In real life, Red and Yellow would not have survived without eating or drinking for years or getting crushed by a bicycle.


-Official- Yellow's secret - Larva Season 3 Episode 48

-Official- Yellow's secret - Larva Season 3 Episode 48

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